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If you want peace this is your place. . .

I do not know where to start; our week was beyond anything we could of dreamed of. I am just over 6 months pregnant so comfort was a major priority and we live in London so wanted to have a break from the city. Well, this haven did not disappoint. We cannot fault a single thing, Phil, Liz, Cath and Dave have built a paradise, literally, and leaving there we feel like 2 new humans. Every detail about the cabin has been perfectly thought through, you forget how remote you are and that you are in a log cabin! The compost toilet was not an issue at all, (I hadn't actually read that there was one until after we had booked so I was a little worried!). It never smelt and honestly feels just like a normal toilet, but nicer because it is made of wood. We had hot hot hot showers, lovely comfortable bed, comfy sofas, an amazing log fire. Outside there was a perfect little chair and table to eat at and sun loungers. Some days we didn't even leave the cabin which is what we had hoped for, the grounds are exquisite and so peaceful and quiet. The fresh produce from the garden was incredible! To be able to eat fresh greens straight from the garden was such a treat. And we would feast on the cookies and cakes too that we replenished EVERYDAY. I was a very happy pregnant lady ;-) The stars were completely breath taking in the evening, i don't think I will ever forget the nights we had there. I could keep writing! But I will leave it there. If you want peace this is your place. Thank you Phil, Liz, Cath and Dave for creating a such a beautiful place for our weary souls to come and enjoy. Sophie & Ben, May 2019

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